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Search Engine Optimization

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Why is SEO so important?

Have you ever wondered how many daily search requests are processed by google per day? - 8.5 Billionen.
That are 99.000 searches per second. What a crazy number.
For many people, google is an imporant software for their daily business. But only 92% visite the second page! That's why it's so important, that your website and content is as high as possible in the google ranking.
  • 8.5 billion daily search requests in google
  • Sustainable growth and longterm success
  • Growing market share and new customers
  • Focus on local clients
  • Support for your marketing campaigns

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SEO Services

Keyword Strategy

Defining the best keywords is the first step of an successful SEO concept. I am analyzing the most important keywords based on their search results, and we are choosing the best ones together.

Technical SEO

For google it's important, that possible technical barriers are out of the way. With a clean code, google has no issues to crawl and scan your website. I am checking your site and ensure, that the setup is as good as possible.


Working with the right insights and KPI's keeps us on track and we can monitor, if our activities are successful. With tools like google and plausible analytics, we can win the data we need to plan our next steps.


Google is rating websites based on their links between each other. If more links going to your site, as higher is your domain rating. Let's improve and work on your backlinks, to achieve a high domain authority.

Google myBusiness

Support your SEO with an attractive google myBusiness account. It provides structured information like opening times, your address and ratings of your customers. Boost traffic with direct links to your website.